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Disclaimer:  Massage Therapy is intended for purposes of reducing stress, muscle tension/spasm and enhancing overall wellness. Massage Therapy is not ment to diagnose or treat illness or disease.
If you suffer a serious injury call your doctor or go to the emergency room. 

Q. What should I do right after I suffer a muscle sprain injury?

A.  Sprains and Strain injuries are often treated with the "RICE" method. RICE stands for Rest,
     Ice, compression, and Elevate.
     Rest: Try to rest. Limit activities, avoid any activities that cause pain.
     Ice: Treating the area with ice is very important. Treat with ice for 15-20 minutes every 3-4
     hours. Use frozen peas or ice in a zip lock bag. This does not have to be torture. If ice gets 
     too cold, take it off for 20-30 seconds then replace.
     Compression: Use an Ace bandage to wrap the area. Be careful not to rap too tight. Too 
     loose is better than too tight.
     Elevation: Try to get the effected area higher than the heart. Elevate at night by placing
     pillow under your arm or leg.
     * Then call me the next day.

Q. How much clothes should I take off during my massage?

A. The most important issue is that you feel comfortable at all times. Most of my clients go down to their underwear, and you are covered with a sheet at all times. If you wish, you may wear shorts or we have medical gowns available.

Q.  How often should I get a massage?

A. The quick answer is - "Once a month". Monthly massage treatments is a good general guideline. It is manageable and allows progress to be made from treatment to treatment.
    The long answer is up to you. I have many clients that benefit from weekly treatments.
    Everyone is different, so we try to figure out what is the most beneficial frequency for you.
    Nobody knows your body like you do, but your therapist can help you with this question.

More FAQ's coming soon...
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